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Two Great Bed and Breakfast Inns in Chevy Chase, Maryland

There are lots of bed and breakfast hotels and inns in Chevy Chase, Maryland and it is difficult to pick out the best place to pass the night when you find yourself in the town. Let us take a look at two great bed and breakfast hotels where you can sleep for the night and have a nice time.

Two Great Bed and Breakfast Inns in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Admiral Fell Inn

The Admiral Fell Inn is one great spot and has a lot of character located downtown Maryland. The place is very cool, the rooms are comfortable and very big for such hotel. The place has a good bar, restaurants, and a taxi spot. The streets can be noisy most nights but the view from the window is amazing. The breakfast menu here is cool, not what you will get in a five-star restaurant but it’s nice for a sleepover Inn. The services are cool too; friendly staffs, good facilities, and the waiters are prompt and patient. The experience here is amazing. The Inn is cosy with moderate room prizes and meal rates too. You can try out this place whenever you are around Chevy Chase and be sure to have a good time.

Lord Baltimore Hotel

This great hotel is located away from the general areas for other hotels but its close by and can be quickly located by taxi drivers. You can even get to the hotel on foot with about 10 to 15-minute walk from the central area. The reception staffs here are very friendly and efficient, you will be checked into your room just a few minutes after arrival. The hotel was recently renovated so the rooms are clean, spacious with separate dressing area and neat bathrooms. This is surprisingly one of the hotels where you will find a dressing area in the rooms. The hotel dates back to the 1800s so the architecture of the building is somewhat gothic. The windows are not very big like the conventional glass walls and are faced towards a brick wall that is outside. Most of the rooms are cosy with less natural lightening but it well lit by artificial power supply/ the lobbies are graciously spaced with good lightning. The bathrooms are nice but do not have a place where you can place your personal effects like toothbrush, razor, and the washbag. This can be rectified by installing a shelf. Another great feature of this hotel is the restaurant. Breakfast in the French restaurant is served in buffet style or you can order from the menu. The buffet has a selection of tasty hot and cold food. You can also order from the menu and be served in just a few minutes. This nice place is also famous for its rooftop bar with spectacular views over the city. You can relax here in a cool evening sipping your favourite drink and enjoy the view of Maryland from your sit. This place is a great choice for a sleepover, or a business trip, be sure to stop by whenever you are in Maryland.


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