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Top Historic Sites in Maryland

The State of Maryland in the United States has some great places to visit if you are interested in history. Some of the most popular and top historic sites are discussed here. Salute the Flag at Fort McHenry in Baltimore is found at the mouth of Baltimore harbor. It is a fortress made of brick which functioned as a hospital during the American Civil War. This was also the second largest place where immigrants entered into the United States. It is considered a historic shrine and one of the national monuments in the United States. The fort was the inspiration for the writing of the “Star Spangled Banner”, which is the national anthem for the United States of America.

Another important fortress is Fort Frederick, which was constructed in 1756. This fort played an important role during the Indian and French Wars. This Fort is located in Big Pool, Maryland. Historic St. Mary’s City was formed in 1634 and today many people work in the city and keep it the way it was back at that time. It provides a good snapshot of life during 1634, and you can walk through a ship, a brick chapel and even a colonial plantation.

Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum, located in Baltimore County, is known as the largest African-American historical site in the entire United States. The park and museum were built to honor Benjamin Banneker who was an abolitionist, a farmer and a surveyor. The park is the site of his former farmstead. Another African-American is honored at the Bucktown Village Store located in Dorchester County. Harriet Tubman was an American abolitionist and a humanitarian who gave assistance to slaves and helped the union army.

Another person of great historic importance is Frederick Douglass. You can visit his home at the Frederick Douglass Museum and Cultural Center on Highland Beach. He was in support of freedom and was both a social reformer and abolitionist. He escaped from slavery himself and became a powerful speaker and advocate for those who were still enslaved. Casselman Bridge in Grantsville, Maryland is a stone bridge that is 354 feet long. It was built in 1811 and was the first road to really open up travel to the west. At the time it was considered an engineering marvel.

If you are interested in ships, then visiting the USS Constellation of 1854 would be a worthwhile trip to make. This is a sailing ship from the Civil War Era, which was the last ship of  this kind made by for the US Navy. They do have daily cannon firings from the ship and guided tours are available as well. The ship stayed in service for about a century, being retired in 1954. It is now a museum ship that is considered to be a national historic landmark of Maryland.Maryland has some very notable historic sites, especially in terms of the abolitionist movement. Aside from this there are ships, buildings and bridges of great historical significance .

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