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Top Foods to Try in East Coast US

The East Coast of the United States is one of the most interesting places to visit in the world. The place is very rich in history and culture and you can still see the traces of the first settlers. The country is famous for the multiple cultures that managed to influence each other from music, politics and ideas to, of course, food. There are countless recipes that managed to pass the test of time and remained among the favorites of the Americans. A visit in the East Coast is not complete without trying this food. There are so many options that choosing the perfect culinary experience can be quite challenging, especially if you are visiting the area for the first time. We have listed some of the top foods to try in East Coast US in order to make your stay here delicious.


These are a very popular dish in Philadelphia. The dish is made out of a roll filled with ribeye meat and melted cheese. You can easily imagine how delicious such a meal can be. There are many places that managed to take this “street food” to the rank of Michelin restaurant dish. And in plenty of restaurants additional ingredients and herbs are included for extra flavor.

Boston Cream Pie

This is one of the most popular sweet dishes. It is more of a thick butter cake that has vanilla and chocolate custard. Such combination is extremely beloved, and this is why this dish is very easy to find and it is one of the summer favorites.


Bagels are some of the staple food here. The restaurants still prepare them in the slow, old-fashioned way for the perfect flavor and texture. They can be served during breakfast, for a sandwich, with sweets and so on. They are considered some of the best cooking and preparing bases here and are used for many purposes. Once you try the original East Coast bagel, you will never forget it.

Crab Cakes

These are some of the most interesting dishes. They can be served as a meal themselves and they are definitely some of the party favorites. The region is filled with fish and seafood markets and you will definitely get the freshest ingredients served in your cake.


The blueberry pie is one of the top deserts and it is super easy to find. The East Coast is one of the largest blueberry producers in the whole world. There are many recipes that incorporate these small and delicious berries, but the blueberry pie is definitely one of the best. This old-school dish is very easy to make and has an amazing taste.


The seafood chowder is the type of food you will find at every restaurant. Sea food is in abundance in the East Coast, so it is only natural it will be incorporated in many dishes. This chowder is extremely delicious and is perfect even on the hot summer days. The local food of the eastern side of the America is both intricate and simple; each ingredient polished by the years of dedication and tradition. The meal you will have here will sit fondly in your memories.

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