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The Best Breakfast and Bed Hotels in Chevy Chase, Maryland

If you are looking for a nice bed and breakfast hotel in Chevy Chase to have a good time in, come on board as we bring you two of the best spots you can find in Maryland.

The Best Breakfast and Bed Hotels in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Hampton Inn & Suites National Harbour/Alexandria Area

When picking the best bed and breakfast hotels, it’s difficult to pick out one or two out of the host of good hotels in Chevy Chase. But after a nice time at the Hampton Inn, no other place feels better. The hotel is not just a place you come in for shelter, there are so many wonderful activities going on here. The hotel is very clean, the whole environment is tidy. The location is superb, just right across the street. The staffs are warm and friendly, checked me in almost immediately and helped me resolve my credit card issues without a fuss. The rooms are slightly bigger than the normal hotel room size and they are nice and clean with bathrooms and a closet for your clothes. The waiters are prompt and friendly, did not ask for a tip although I did tip. The restaurants serve good meals, you will be faced with a strong choice of picking out of a variety of delicious foods. You will also find a cocktail bar that serves the best French wines and delicious cocktails. You can hang out on the grills and help yourself with freshly barbecued lean meat as you sip your wine. One great feature of this hotel is that it is located in the centre of the national harbour which means you can walk to anywhere without needing a ride. You can even visit the Outlet mall or the MGM casino with a shuttle bus that is readily available.

Holiday Inn Ocean City

Another hotel in Maryland that can be ranked among the best in the Holiday Inn ocean city. If you are looking for a place to hide and be free from work and kids for a few days, you should try out this spot. Placed at a nice location, you will enjoy great views of the city from the hotel room balcony. The hotel has been recently remodelled and can now match even a newly constructed hotel in the area. The walls are so solid that you won’t even hear other people from your room. Located in the ocean city, you can easily walk down the beach and have a great time with the water. The hotel environment is very clean. the rooms too were tidy when I checked in. I forgot to mention, the front desk was very polite and patiently made sure I picked the room I wanted with a balcony facing the beach. The kitchen was spotless, with the fridge, stove, and cupboards in a very neat condition. They had a nice coffee maker too, it felt Like I was in my own kitchen. I had a good time here, the experience was really worth it. You can also get direct oceanfront rooms and enjoy the view of the pool from your balcony. This place is great even if you want to spend the weekend or you are on a romantic getaway with your lover. The hotel is one of the best spots in the city and every cent you will spend here is truly worth it.

Balcony facing the beach


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