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Maryland’s Ocean City

Not many good things happen as a result of a storm, but Ocean City in Maryland is one of the few. Though originally it was a sleepy fishing village for many years after settlers had discovered and set down in the place, the area remained isolated. It wasn’t until 1933 when a storm hit that things changed for the better here. Thanks to a new channel that was caused by the natural disaster, the inlet it left in its path was kept permanently and thus started a change that helped along what is enjoyed by tourists all year round here.

On the Beach

Firstly, you can’t have an ocean anything without a beach, and this one is well renowned by its visitors. One of the highest rated beaches around, even reaching Tripadvisor’s top 10, the 10 miles of beach here are cleaned nightly and therefore kept in fantastic condition for all who stop by. With disabled access, cleaning spots and amenities and amusements near by its easy to see why so many come to soak up the sun here. Those keen to get in the waves will also love it to as kayaking and canoeing are both permitted here. Surfers can also grab their boards and jump right into the bountiful blue waters as two areas of the beach are dedicated to surfing on a daily basis. And if you really want to hit the big blue in style and at top speed there are several places here available for you to rent a jet ski and bounce over the waves to your hearts content.

Off the Beach

Once you have spent enough time lounging in the baking beams beachside you wont be out of things to do here, there is an entire city’s worth of entertainment and activities for guests of all ages and tastes. Visit the local museums for a bit of history and culture or spend some time in the local arts centers where you can take part in the workshops for free. If you prefer an even more laid back kind of fun why not watch a show at the performing arts locations or get comfy in your seat and take in some great cinema at the film festivals. Its likely however that these passive forms of entertainment don’t tickle your fancy, so you will be glad to know you can step off your jet ski and into a go kart. There are also fun scooters to ride on, a Ripley’s believe it or not to pace around and more active sports like baseball to take part in. 

At Night

All of these activities will take up well over a weekend to take part in but eventually each night you are going to want to wind down or party it up. With a host of bars and clubs that make up an active nightlife here you can do whatever you please. Join in on the laughs at the comedy clubs or enjoy the view of the sea at night at some of the beachside restaurants like Seacrets or Horizon’s. With all your daytime and nighttime needs covered there is no reason not to visit Ocean City.

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