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Maryland Music

Music Festivals Coming to Maryland This Summer

In the summertime Maryland becomes more than just a place with good sea food as music festivals of all kinds move in along with thousands of attendees. With a fantastic selection of open air spaces, Maryland becomes a prime spot for country lovers to dance fanatics as each mini army of musicians and fans get wild as they celebrate their favourite styles of music. No matter your preference there will surely be something for you whether you are alone, with some energetic friends or with your family, Maryland becomes the land of music as
soon as spring is done.


Starting off early this family friendly music festival moves into the land on the Allegany County Fairgrounds in May. Here a community of music lovers, outdoor types and everyday folk can enjoy some wholesome live music. On top of this there are dedicated play areas for kids, yoga gatherings and an arts and crafts fair. This is a very laid back affair that works for hundreds of families as a group getaway each year.

Jellyfish Festival

This is more than just your average music festival. Opening up to Maryland’s already visitor friendly Ocean City, the Jellyfest has great live music alongside all manner of outdoor sports. Including but not exclusive to live freestyle motocross, surfing competitions, ultimate frisbee and art areas. So far their line up includes Crack The Sky, 80’s rockers Styx and Newsboys but more acts are due to be added so keep your eyes peeled.


Happy to be America’s biggest free arts festival, this unique and diverse gathering that over a quarter of a million people flock to each year is well worth investigating. With a seemingly endless selection of activities available here, its more than likely you are going to need all three days in order to get the most out of what is available. Starting with performing arts that include live music from top name musicians to dance from some of the country’s best choreographers. Then there are all manner of instructive workshops and tutorials led by guest speakers that will teach you new methods in everything from fine art to sketch comedy. And if this isn’t enough the whole area is jam packed wall to wall with independent and corporate vendors who stock not just merchandise you will be dying for but also art supplies and equipment from a superb range of stockists. Here music becomes art and the art feeds back into the music, at Artscape it is a celebration of everything.

Maryland Deathfest

Get ready to see lots of long black hair, all black clothes, New Rock boots and happy faces. Maryland Deathfest returns after a lengthy hiatus, bringing with it all the intense and high-speed madness you could want from a metal festival. With a lengthy line up of bands Voivod, Tormentor and Unleashed its going to be a sea of people wearing t-shirts where the typography itself is so aggressive you can’t even read it. Expect growled throaty vocals, melting guitar solos and intensely heavy riffs from Friday afternoon until Sunday night.

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