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Fun at Deep Creek Lake

Maryland’s All Year Round Nature & Activity Spot

Covering almost 4000 acres, Deep Creek Lake is a huge body of water that sits inside Maryland. This beautifully natural environment is home to many but also sees thousands of tourists who come lap up its watery beauty and take part in the activities that this diverse area has to offer.

Fun at Deep Creek Lake

With fun packed sports for every season the excitement at the lake never ceases, with everything from extreme sports to the tranquillity of relaxing in the water all available its no wonder it is one of Maryland’s biggest attractions. If you still aren’t convinced that this place has it all just take a look at the following activities, you can get stuck into here.

White Water Rapids

That’s right strap on a life jacket and join some gung-ho friends in attempting to stay topside as you topple your way down the gushing river waters. Here you will need a little strength, some balance and lots of tenacity to make it down the adrenaline pumping, high speed currents that come your way. With its white-water rapid course here being the only one on a mountaintop in the entire world, you are in for a unique and energising experience.


If you love to fish, then you will find a variety of enjoyable options for you here at the lake. Wade into the calmer areas of the river here and get fly fishing whether you are well versed or entirely new to the sport. With experts at the ready to give you helpful tips on everything from baiting to casting your line, the gorgeous open air and clear waters will have you almost forgetting about reeling in trout.


Of course it would be silly to have a vast stretch of water and not utilise it for some boating, the folk in Maryland are sure to take advantage of what they have here as you will see by the many different types of vehicle taking to the water. From small manual vessels like kayaks, canoes and other rowboats you can also get yourself something a little speedier. Jet skis are adored here and the open clean waters provide a liquid playground for speedsters. However, if you prefer something a little more laid back there are leisure boats you can rent here too that provide space for all the family and offer beautiful deck views to soak in the surround.


If you though the lake was all about water you would be wrong. The local wisp resort offers several other activities including several skiing and snowboard options. With over 35 different slopes this place is an entirely different landscape in the winter, ideal for anyone who loves to cruise down snow covered hills. If you aren’t versed on a board or skis you can head down in a tube instead, sit in a circular cushion and make your way to the bottom of the slopes with only gravity required. If none of this is up your street you might enjoy doing laps around the ice rink instead. All this and much more all at Deep Creek Lake.



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