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Famous Dishes of Maryland – Part 1

If you are traveling to the great state of Maryland anytime soon and were wondering what culinary delights were awaiting then this article may well help. We are looking at the best things to eat and drink in Maryland and some of the best places to dine.

Maryland is famous all over the United States for its Blue Crab, and it is normally served simply with Old Bay Seasoning. But that is not the only thing that will tantalize your taste buds in this culinary diverse state. There is plenty of mid-Atlantic style food also. Pit Beef, Fudge Cake and many other delights are waiting to be devoured as well as some of the best seafood you can find on the East Coast. 

Maryland Pit Beef

The BBQ is one of the most celebrated cooking techniques in America, and states like Texas and Kansas have made barbecuing almost an art form. Pit masters are respected just as much as Michelin Star Chefs, possibly even more so.

Maryland’s barbecue is very different to this, and they call it Pit Beef. Lean cuts of top roast beef are cooked above hot charcoals on a grill, then they are simply sliced finely, seasoned very sparingly, and are almost always raw, to rare. Unlike southern barbecue there is no secret home-made marinade, just often served with Chaps’ Tiger Sauce or a pungent horseradish in a bun.  

Baltimore Coddies

Imagine taking a codfish cake and a knish, and mixing them together to form a sort of exotic potato cake. Well that is exactly what a coddie is. Salt cod is mixed with potato then deep fried to provide something that is unctuous and utterly delicious.

Coddies are usually served with saltine crackers and a big spoonful of mustard on the side. In Baltimore in days gone by you would see coddies being sold all over the streets, in delis and at soda fountains as they are that popular.


You will be more familiar with rockfish perhaps as striped bass. This fish is one of the most important culinary commercial food that Maryland produces. It is a white fish that flakes very well and has a mild and delicate taste.

It also is a very versatile fish in terms of how it can be cooked and what dishes it can be used in. In Baltimore it is commonly oven baked, and in Annapolis some restaurants serve it encrusted with herbs and roasted.

Cow Tails & Caramel Creams

No food article about Maryland would be complete without mentioning the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company which was founded way back in 1895. In 1917 the company changed its focus and became Goetze’s Candy Company and they produced a sweet that would become world famous, the Caramel Cream.

These individually wrapped pieces of soft and chewy caramel became their signature candy, and formed the basis for their other legendary product the Cow Tail. Cow Tail’s are basically longer, rolled out versions of Caramel Creams and just as yummy. In part two of our blog we will look at even more culinary delights from Maryland.

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