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Best Cafes in Maryland

Widely known as definitive culinary-travel outlets, Maryland is the place to be for coffee lovers. Although the city is known for crabs and fresh seafood, the culinary scene is as dynamic as ever, featuring different coffee flavors from the Mediterranean, Italy the Middle East and beyond. The current growing cocktail and craft beer scene, cafes, neighborhood restaurant as made the cafes in the city café equipped with the best flavors from all over the world. If you are looking for the best cafes where you can start your day with a good coffee, Maryland sure offers you a lot. Here are some of the best cafes in Maryland.



Miss Shirley’s Café offers their guests and award-winning culinary experience for your breakfast. They have specialists that are rooted ins southern fundamentals and the excess of fresh ingredients from the Chesapeake region of Maryland. They have the pride of presenting drinks beautifully, prompt and professional service as well as comfortable, well-maintained atmosphere for their guests. Miss Shirley’s café is a locally owned, family-friendly casual restaurant. The décor at the Shirley’s will welcome you with an energetic atmosphere. Based on their reputation their café is patronized by both visitors and locals.


Bean Rush Café is a sandwich, baking and roasting company in Maryland. Another thing that makes them good is their two locations in both Annapolis and Crownsville. They always strive to ensure that their guests keep coming back for the warm taste of their signature brewed coffees, salads, loose leaf tea, and sandwiches. Since their opening in Crownsville, they have been striving hard to maintain their philosophy of keeping it local, fresh and straightforward. Bean rush café take great pride in ensuring that they stamp their signature on every cup of coffee they brew. From how they run their business to their products they bring happiness to the Maryland community they serve. Either you are looking for a new place to start taking coffee, or you are just a visitor in the city, Bean rush café is an excellent destination for your coffee.



Situated in the corner of Church Streets and East in the heart of historical Everedy Square, Frederick Coffee Company and café has been around for over 20 years now. They offer extended hours for seven days a week and a wide variety of breakfast foods, sandwiches, and salads all day. Frederick boast of a lot of regular customers who have become more of a family to the company. Guest enjoy a casual atmosphere both inside and outside with free Wi-Fi, live music and accommodating staffs.


There are a lot of little stores all around the main street, and the French Twist Café is just a perfect fit for the neighborhood. The founder decided to open a coffee shop that has a French flair and named it the French Twist Café. She added a full menu of savory and sweet snacks that you can eat on the go. Their coffee is tasty, nutritious and fun to drink. The café aims to create a place where people can feel welcome and comfortable while enjoying coffee.

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